Victorinox Swiss Classic Zest 3 Piece Paring Set 2 Prism - Sleeve

Victorinox Swiss Classic Zest 3 Piece Paring Set 2 Prism - Sleeve

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Optimal combination of paring knives and a universal peeler with an ultrasharp micro serrated edge, ideal for fruits and vegetables with soft or hard peels. The serrated edge is ideal for cutting through firm peel and slicing, while the paring knife with a straight edge and pointed tip to remove cores and seeds.

Great gift or souvenir.

The Swiss Classic Range of household knives and utensils, feature Victorinox's latest ergonomic injection moulded nylon dishwasher safe handles, which rest comfortably in the hand and are an essential for every household.

Victorinox is famous for it's High-Carbon Stainless Steel blades, which hold exceptionally good edges and the plain edge can easily be resharpened.

Set Includes:
1. Paring Knife 8cm Pointed Tip, Plain Edge Orange (V6.7606.L119)
2. Universal Peeler, Micro Serrations Yellow (V7.6075.8)
3. Paring Knife 11cm Round Tip, Serrated Edge Green(V6.7836.L114)

More Information
SKU V6.7836PZ2.3
Handle Polypropylene
Blade Steel X50CrMoV15 Stainless Steel
Colour Green, Yellow, Orange
Set Size 3 Piece Set