RTI Priest/prophet I&II Adjustable Tuning Regulator By Huma-Air

RTI Priest/prophet I&II Adjustable Tuning Regulator By Huma-Air

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RTI Priest/prophet I&II Adjustable Tuning Regulator By Huma-Air

This Tuning Regulator build by Huma-Air is specialy designed for the RTI Pries Air Rifle

The regulator will reduce the outgoing pressure of your rifle's pressure bottle according to your settings and this will result in a constant pelletspeed and better groups.
It is equipped with a pressure gauge what will indicate the fill pressure of the bottle and a foster male connection to fill the rifle. The position of the gauge and and foster can be chosen left or right and they can be aligned stepless into their position so it always looks good on your rifle.

In the packet there comes a second pressure gauge what replaces the second fill connection inside the buttstock of the rifle. When you have fitted this second gauge you wil be able to read and check the regulator output pressure.
The bottle fill pressure will be shown on the regulator collar gauge.
The regulator is equipped with a 3000 PSI safety burst disk, identical as the factory regulator 


The benefits of this Huma-Air tuning regulator for your rifle

  • Higher accuracy¬†due to the elimination of the pelletspeed¬†fluctuations
  • The solid stainless steel foster fill connection¬†and pressure gauge can switched over from left to¬†right
  • The position of the foster and pressure gauge can be turned around for 360 degrees.¬†So you aligned it to your own wishes.
  • Under the pressure gauge there is¬†a o-ring what make it posible to line the dialplate up straight for the eye.¬†
  • It will give you a¬†constant pellet speed over the full working pressure range.


Pressure settings of the Huma-Air Tuning Regulator for the RTI Priest

Your RTI Priest regulator comes preset on the pressure we have tesed it and it is marked on the packing. You can set the regulator according to your wishes within the pressure range.
The output pressure will be shown on the additional pressure gauge what can be fitted in the buttstock your airrifle, instead of the second foster male coupler plug.

To mount this test pressure gauge, use both oringe (2 instead of 1 oring) underneeth the gauge treads, supplied with the gauge. 
The regulator gauge, on the collar of the regulator, needs just 1 o-ring underneath the threads. see the fitting manual 

The Huma-Air Bottle Regulator regulator comes in a wide pressure range of 60-170 bar output covering sub 12 ft/lbs and FAC models.
Pressure can be set by turning the set-screw of the regulator, what can be found inside the male treaded part of the regulator. A 5 minutes turn contra clockwise equals to about 7-8 bar pressure increase.
For testing and adjusting your regulator we recommend you our simple Testing Tool what makes it very easy to adjust your regulator without the need of emptying your pressure bottle with every adjustment