Kuzey TX2 pcp 5.5mm
Kuzey TX2 pcp 5.5mm
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Kuzey TX2 pcp 5.5mm

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Product Features

  • 200 consistent shots from 1 fill!
  • not only accurate but precise¬†
  • build quality for price is unrivalled in its price class¬†
  • Hybrid rail (dovetail and picatinny rail)
  • a titanium silencer for only R820 makes the rifle whisper¬†
  • included is a stunning hard case¬†
  • 2 x 12 capacity magazines included
  • 1 x fill probe included¬†
  • set of spare orings¬†
  • believe it or not, across a shot string of 200 shots you may experience a 1 moa drop on poi, for a unregulated rifle it‚Äôs un heard of. At 25 yards across 200 shots however I did not experience a drop off but that is not real world conditions although it was outdoors.


27-35 ft/lbs

  • Caliber:¬†¬†5.5 mm
  • Barrel Lenght:¬†¬†48 cm / 18.9 in
  • Air Capacity:¬†¬†250 bar / 500 cc
  • Receiver:¬†¬†Gloss Black Aluminum
  • Overall Length Shortened:¬†¬†95 cm / 37.4 in
  • Overall Length Extended:¬†¬†103 cm / 40.5 in
  • Stock:¬†¬†Synthetic
  • Average Weight (kg):¬†¬†3.30
  • Muzzle Velocity:¬†¬†900¬†fps with jsb 18.13 grain
  • Magazine Capacity:¬†¬†5.5 mm / 12 Shots

Magazines included

Fill Probe included

nipple and washer not included 

scope and mounts not included