Huma-Air regulator tester for the Air Arms S200/Cz200/BSA

Huma-Air regulator tester for the Air Arms S200/Cz200/BSA

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This regulator tester device  is specially designed to test and service our Huma-Air regulators for BSA,  Air Arms S200 and CZ200.  With this model you can test the Huma-Air models below:

  • Air Arms S200 external regulator
  • Air Arms S200 internal regulator
  • BSA Scorpion external regulator
  • BSA Ultra MMC external¬†regulator
  • BSA Ultra SE regulator
  • BSA Scorpion SE regulator
  • CZ200 external regulator

Check the proper working and cycling, adjust the regulator after a full rebuild or just experiment to find out the best pressure setting of your rifle.
The tester is suitable for a wide range of Huma-Air regulators (see list above) and has a easy to use depressurize screw. It has a large 63 mm oil filled pressure gauge with clear scale in PSI and Bar.
After depresurizing your rifle totally, you can unscrew the pressure tube + regulator from the valve body of the rifle and screw the regulator tester directly into the pressure tube. Then you can presurize your pressure tube again and check the regulator output pressure, the regulator cylce etc by simulating shots by using the de-presurize screw. The input pressure is suitable for 232 bar.

For high durability we have used a combination of anodizided aircraft aluminum for the body and a bronze depresurize screw.
The tester is shipped in a box with proper insurance.