Gamma Master Chronograph

Gamma Master Chronograph

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  • Voltage Rating:¬†9 V
  • Measuring Range:¬†30 to 7000 fps
  • Application:¬†Measures Bullet Velocity
  • Display Type:¬†LCD
  • Backlight:¬†No


Gamma Master Chronograph features all the features of the Beta Master plus a 500 shot memory. The Gamma measures and stores not only shot velocities but also time elapsed between shots, including total time. Gamma Master will also measure velocities at a rate of up to 1800 rounds/minute as well as the time elapsed between shots.

Every Shooting Chrony measures the speed of bullets, arrow, shotgun-pellets, airgun-pellets and paintballs, etc, from 30 fps (feet per second) to 7000 fps and with better than 99.5% accuracy. Your Chrony will go with you anywhere. Just unfold, mount on a tripod or place on a table, insert Diffusers (if needed) and shoot in less than 2 min. All Chronys come with a 3 years limited warranty. The master chronys have the same capabilities as their respective Shooting Chrony counterparts. In addition to that, the master chronys have a LCD Monitor which brings the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) readout right up to your bench, away from the bullets path. It also doubles as a Remote Control.


  • Gives numbered shot velocities
  • Velocity stays on display until you shoot again
  • Uses 9 V alkaline battery with 48 hr of continuous use
  • With flip of finger switch from FPS (feet per second) to MPS (meter per second)
  • Delivers measurements and statistics such as - high, low and average velocities, extreme spread and standard deviation
  • Retrieve individual shot velocities and statistics
  • Has temporary working memory
  • Has 60 shot permanent memory (divided into 6 numbered strings of up to 10 shots each, with one set of Statistics for each string)
  • Delete individual shots (with automatic adjustment of statistics)
  • Delete the content of a whole string or all data from memory
  • Can be switched off, taken home and switched on again (as long as this is done within 40 years) for reviewing and information retrieval
  • Memory will stay even without battery
  • Moves instantly from string to string, interrupts shooting on any string without memory loss, returns to any string to continue where you left off
  • Change string size
  • Stereo jack for optional printer or remote control
  • Forget button - to clear individual strings instantly
  • Includes one ballistic chrony printer that prints velocity data, timer data and statistics on regular paper
  • Place anywhere on shooting bench
  • It prints as you shoot
  • 500 shot memory (divided into 50 numbered strings of 2 to 10 shots each), memory for 500 individual timer readouts