Duke Defence Pepper spray Stream 100ml including holster

Duke Defence Pepper spray Stream 100ml including holster

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Duke | Pepper Spray 100ml Direct & connuous strength spray Military strength

Includes a holster 

This product features:

  • 360 Degree Spray capability – use it upside down with confidence, because we know that in a fight you are not always on your feet.
  • Safety flip-top to guard against those nasty little accidents.
  • Non- Flammable propellent, we use compressed air only
  • 1,35% Active Capsaicinoids. To most of you, that number makes very little sense, but to those of you who have taken the red pill, this is a hot little number.
  • Direct Stream for pinpoint accuracy, with a 6m reach, keeping you well away from the target
  • 5 year Shelf life of the active ingredient.

It also includes a hot red label, so that you can distinguish it from your lipstick in your bag, yes we have literally thought of everything. There are also a few warnings on the label, which you must read, as this stuff is not mouthwash