Apolo Air Boss Barracuda Coppers 21gr 5.5mm

Apolo Air Boss Barracuda Coppers 21gr 5.5mm

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SKU AP-30001
Ammunition Type Pellets
Pellet Weight 21 gr
Pellet Shape Domed Head
Quantity 300 pieces

A high end line, heavy pellet, polished and hardened with a copper coating increasing hardness by 20%, facilitating higher speeds and accuracy. Designed for competition shooting and pest hunting, characterized by excellent groupings and clean and precise impacts.

Apolo is a company exclusively specialized in the manufacture of pellets in an almost 'handcrafted' way, offering some of the best pellets in the market made with virgin material, non-recycled lead, all manufactured in Argentina.

Apolo Air Boss Barracuda Copper Pellets are available in .177 and .22.