148FPS! 50cal Hopper Fed paintball shotgun

148FPS! 50cal Hopper Fed paintball shotgun

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50cal Hopper Fed paintball shotgun for kids 9 years +

Tested using a LMBR and FX Radar Chronograph 


average velocity was 148fps

low velocity was 138fps

highest velocity was 151fps

therefore for kids ear and eye protection is necessary

  1. cannot double load 
  2. balls don’t burst in the barrel
  3. 100 ball hopper 
  4. Sturdy design 
  5. reliable product 
  6. push button safety 

The marker for children works without CO2 or HP (compressed air). It is reloaded after each shot, similar to a pump gun. The maximum energy is 0.5 Joule, so it was classified as a toy according to the Toy Directive. He is therefore subject to the age restriction suitable from 9 years. When playing paintball with this marker, it is not necessary to wear a paintball mask, but eye protection or mask is recommended.


- Blaster Kids Markers Gotcha Gun / Shotgun
- 50 caliber shotgun
- less than 0.5 joules
- for children from 9 years
- including loader for 100 paintballs